Empty List placeholder. SwiftUI

Year twenty twenty-one. Almost a month has passed since the WWDC. As usual, Apple presented many amazing features/updates 😍. As expected updated SwiftUI framework. But did not add placeholder for List view 😭. It’s not big deal, but it was one of my expectations from conference. Okay let’s do it ourselves 💪

The List is one of the most used view in apps.

When using the List, devs also must handle the state of an empty data range and show a placeholder.

As an example, consider a simple list of countries. Show placeholder when data is empty.

List counties

Country model:

So, have any ideas on how to implement a placeholder?

First idea If else

The first thing that comes to mind it’s if else conditional statement.


  • the most simple and clear way
  • easy to modify
  • it works and shows the placeholder when needed
  • easy to use any view for placeholder


  • the code looks cumbersome
  • not reusable

It works and sometimes it’s enough. But in production, it would be nice to have a component that implements the logic of displaying a placeholder inside the component. So, goes to the next idea.

Second idea EmptyList

Improve if else idea and move logic show/hide placeholder to custom view, call it EmptyList:

Using the EmptyList is very easy. First parameter — data source, second parameter — list row view, and finally third parameter — placeholder view.


  • code looks clean and clear :heart_eyes:
  • easy to modify custom view
  • reusable in project
  • use any view for placeholder


  • list is embedded in EmptyList view, and if want to add some ViewModifier-s to the list, need for more efforts and modify code

Usually, I would have to say that this is all and say goodbye but is not all 😎. I want to share an idea of how I cook placeholder for lists in my projects.

Preferred idea ViewModifier

Create custom ViewModifier to manage placeholder, call it EmptyDataModifier:

Uses EmptyDataModifier:

That’s it! Also via extension can little bit improve the solution and limited apply EmptyDataModifier only for List.


  • code look clean and clear 😍 😍 😍
  • no need to create a custom List view
  • easy to modify
  • reusable in project
  • use any view for placeholder
  • this way for can be used for any view placeholder


  • no (subjective opinion)

Instead of summary

In my opinion, the most suitable way to implement a placeholder is to use a custom ViewModifier.

I’m sure sooner or later the Apple will add a placeholder for the List view. Maybe this article will be as a request for this feature for Apple. Who knows.

Full source code

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

Senior iOS Software Engineer